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  Getting too many good hands...?

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big fish

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PostSubject: Getting too many good hands...?   Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:46 am

Now, I know this might sound strange, but sometimes I am a little cautious about raising pre-flop 3 or 4 times in a row with decent hands for fear that someone is gonna think I'm stealing and re-raise or shove, and put me in a situation that I don't wanna be in.

For example: Early in a 9 promotion
SnG. Stacks are all pretty even. No real reads on anyone. I get dealt AQ in late position, make my standard 3xBB raise, everyone folds. Next hand, pocket 7s. I raise, everyone folds. Next hand, pocket 10s. I raise everyone folds. Next hand pocket 9s. Now I'm in UTG+1. Even though this is a hand I would normally open with, now I'm a bit weary because I've basically stolen the last 3 blinds, and somebody might think I'm just crazy and re-raise me, or shove.

Just wondering am I over thinking, or is this something to actually take into consideration?
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Getting too many good hands...?
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