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 Am I just unlucky?

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PostSubject: Am I just unlucky?   Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:50 am

Greetings all, Blackjack Guide

I seem to be going though a rough patch at Will Hill. I'm finding I often get it in with the best hand, and be often a 80+% favourite before the River only to continually loose. Last night I had pocket Kings, there was a raise before it got to me with three other players, I re-raised 4X's the original hoping to take down the pot then only to be called by two players - flop contains the mandatory Ace and two hearts. I go all in for my last 8 quid, one player folds, the other calls me with 6 8 of hearts - turn is a blank, River brings, you guessed it, Q of Hearts! This gent had called with nothing but the flush draw, and hit it - I'm so over these beats - why do these people never fold....and worse, why do they hit so much! Go Casino

So, now on our site we will tell you what the worst bets you can make in a casino - in online casinos, and in the ground. There are a Ukash online
number of rates that are truly evil, who do just not worth it, so we Gauvreau about them, warning vas.V list of such appalling rates can make the following: the rates for insurance against loss of blackjack, roulette, progressive rate with a doubling and final rates in video poker. Of course, they are really tempting, but think before they commit. Internet casino poker

If the rate of any game that offers you to make virtual online casino, is not included in the list of standard rates (the so-called additional bonus rate, or Side bet), then the chances are that this rate is for broth of the gambling establishment. By the same stupid bets can be attributed, and one dollar bet in Pai Gow and Let It Ride. Beware of them like the plague. The same small bet is not worth doing, and Keno and Sic Bo, although in these games are not always so terrible. Also be wary of betting on doubles in a game of dice.

Sometimes it also happens that the greater the gain on the proposed casino rate, the less you have a chance of winning. Before you start the game, check out the bonus offers from casinos, they may be not so enticing, they seem at first glance. These bonuses often exclude the game of roulette, and even money bets, since winning a by 1, you have a lot of opportunities, and payment of the roulette wheel can take up to 97%.

Another silly bet can be considered a pass move in the game of dice, as in this version of the share of the casino is 2%. If you bet on 12, with winners 6 to 6, the share of the casino could reach as much as 15%. As they say in Vegas: "Learn math!"
blackjack online

If the casino offers its players a rate of 10 K, then you should refuse this, because this rate is very risky. As an example, slot machines. Of course, the jackpot here is huge, but the same will be and your chances of losing. Mega Moolah slot machine offers players a progressive jackpot of $ 6 million, but his chances of winning are very slim.

If you like to play blackjack, then try to avoid playing a single deck, provided that you will be able to count cards, because otherwise you have no chance of winning.

But the most important advice here is simply to assess their chances of victory in advance, even without starting the game. Other tips you can see on our site. Do not jump to conclusions and foolish bets, especially if you offer 100 to 1. It is said that a donkey had already won both last year. online video poker

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Am I just unlucky?
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