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 Observation of playing poker at different times of the day

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PostSubject: Observation of playing poker at different times of the day   Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:50 am

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I recently made an observation about the different playing styles of people at different times of the day. I live in Colorado so I am in the Mountain Time zone. I was playing this past Friday night from about 6-11p and I was getting killed. There were some pretty aggressive players and alot of loose play. I was playing somewhat tight to try to counter the loose play of the table but it did not work.
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The complete opposite was the case on Sunday morning 7-10a. There were tight players and there were hardly any preflop raises except with good cards. I changed my play to a loose agressive style which proved to be very good. I was able to double my initial buyin in about 2 hours on 2 tables.

So my question to the forum is this, what would you think is the reason for the vast difference in play at those times? I want to be able to use the information to become more profitable. If I get killed every friday night, I won't play on that night, I will only play when it is best for me.
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It is about the state of the game field. It is no secret of the fact that, formally, from 1 July 2009 the state government imposes a ban on the activities of all real land-based casinos in Russia. If you look at the law, then we will see that it is from that date all the halls of slot machines and casinos must be transferred to the special "gaming zone". One "but": such zones do not yet exist or for some reason they are hidden from the public. Most likely, now people are looking for "a new track, which you can go after the official closing so loved institutions. Of course, the casino will close its doors soon, but do not be an alternative? Enough, already!

In the regions, a sharp increase in the number of internet halls of slot machines. They had come in advance those areas of Russia, where the government immediately banned the gambling business. So to say "cover up shop" for especially distinguished in this field.
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There is a view which is expressed in these words: "If a person is a player at heart - nothing will stop on the way to gamble." Will close the casino, but there are new technologies to play in the network. The same money, betting, gambling. Do people give up all this? Of course not. Transfer of entertainment in the closure area will facilitate the training of players in new technologies. So far, however, not all residents of Russia "staffed" with modern technology. There are still people who do not have a computer at home. Some players real casino and have no idea how to use it. And as for "offline" and "Online" - this is something from science fiction. It turns out that in a short time at online casinos will not have access to some former players. Even among reputable casino customers, leaving his parish in one hundred thousand dollars, there are those that are far from computers and technology. This is a small part of all players, but unlike the majority of "investments" of them are serious. That is anyone's guess whether or not the data are expected to throng the citizens in the electronic online casino in the near future. Time will tell!
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Observation of playing poker at different times of the day
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