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  How do you guys multitabe 10 tables at once?

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PostSubject: How do you guys multitabe 10 tables at once?   Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:07 pm

OK I am new to poker and wouldnt expect to be able to do this from day one.


I have started to multitable 2 tables and find this to be usefull as I am able to play more hands in a shorter space of time so

this aids my learning.
I thought Id give 3 tables ago and OMG!!

I was all over the place!!

How do you manage to make a decision in the time given? Im talking post flop here.

How you count your outs? Make discounts for the flop, size up your opponent calculate pot / implied odds.. comapre all that against

the odds of making it??? and all in about 15 seconds maybe less because 2 tables spring to life at once.

An insite into how all this effects your game.. and thus the stratagy you use would be interesting.

I assume that the key to multitabling is to remove all margional hands from your starting hands in order to make future decisions

easier.. and quicker.

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How do you guys multitabe 10 tables at once?
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